How do Husbands Cheat?



The other day, I ran into a friend. She appeared incredibly dejected for someone with a year-old marriage and a solid career (she was recently promoted to assistant manager in an accounting business). I worriedly asked her if she was okay, and to my astonishment, she started crying.

I paid close attention in the hopes of picking out a few phrases from her muddled and tearful emotional monologue that I could grasp. I was quite astonished when she said, “…my spouse cheated on me.” I didn’t know how he managed to do it. In case of wife cheat, the husband will think that i hate my wife.

This beautiful, intelligent, and kind woman is pouring her heart out to me. I couldn’t seem to get over it, so these thoughts followed me home that evening as well. Why did he do it? Is it because her spouse feels helpless in a culture where women succeed in fields traditionally dominated by men because their careers have taken over? Is his desire to exact revenge on her mother a result of how much he detested her mother? Or is it that her husband lacks the maturity and commitment necessary to maintain their marriage?

There are a lot of reasons why husbands lie. When they are seeking the love, support, friendship, or need to feel wanted that they are not receiving at home, one of the most absurd reasons is that it is required of them. Some claim that the other lady boosts their self-esteem. Others turn to new encounters with other ladies to spice up their life and make them feel exciting again since they are getting tired of the sexual intimacy they are experiencing with their husband.

Other husbands (the middle-aged) might want to bolster their ego or reaffirm their manhood, so they go out at night and hunt for one-night stands in order to connect sexually with another woman in order to raise their self-esteem and find physical fulfillment free of commitments. However, there are also partnerships that are more on the physical side and they don’t tend to fall in love, they merely want to fill an emotional need. Some even have long-term affairs without their wives knowing it.

I once read a book about a prostitute from Brazil who discussed some of the reasons why guys hire her. She noted that there have been occasions when a client has expressed no interest in having sex at all. His wife has stopped listening to him, so he just wanted to talk. Whatever the motivation for the husband’s search for a new partner may be, it still leaves the wife feeling horribly inadequate and betrayed and can have a negative impact on the marriage. The person will say i hate my wife if his wife is not responding him well.

While some guys who cheat may have emotional issues or have low self-esteem and self-worth, not all men commit adultery. There are still good men out there who know what it is to give their time, love, support, friendship, honesty, and devotion. Instead of cheating on their partner, they know how to make compromises or call it quits if they don’t want to try any longer.

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